DDT "Otherwise"

A grand 100-show world tour featuring the Otherwise (Inache) show by the Russian rock legend DDT.
The main screen used in Moscow was the size of a five-floor building, spanning 56 by 16 m.
18 original stage videos were made, with 26 days of filming all boiled down to 90 minutes of video art in a 4K resolution.

More info: https://archive.fedoriv.com/work/ddt/

Video from Fedoriv.com

Client: DDT
Organization and Concept: Andriy Fedoriv (fedoriv.com)
Film and Art Direction: Alexey Say
Production Service: 23/32 Films
Projection Equipment: Solaris
Stage Design: Front Pictures
Video Content: Front Pictures, mental dRive studio, Antistatic Pictures, Andriy Toloshnyy