Avant-garde – the Space of Color and Forms by Front Pictures

September 19, 2014
Kyiv, Ukraine

"Avant-garde – the Space of Colors and Forms" is the second multimedia exhibition by Front Pictures, which features works of 12 prominent artists. It brings the audience into a world of shining colors and revolutionary forms of avant-garde painting.

Thanks to animation and spatial video-design, the spectator experiences the lyricism and tenderness of portraits by Modigliani and meets the mysterious radiant animals of Franz Marc. In digital form, the dramatic expressionism of Kirchner overwhelms the viewer, while Delaunay’s Orphism is charmingly quaint. Intricate special effects make a meeting with the character of the famous painting "Scream" by Edvard Munch unforgettably real. 3D modeling energizes abstract paintings by Kandinsky and brave geometry in the works of Malevich.

When creating the exhibition, Front Pictures used the whole range of multimedia technologies to transform the conventional two-dimensional avant-garde art by adding third-dimensional depth and volume. The imagery and characters of the paintings come alive and immerse the spectators into lifelike worlds that are full of visual magic.

A unique projection panorama, which combines the synchronic images from 52 projectors, conveys the whole variety of color and fine picture details with crystal clarity. Today, this technical setup holds the world record for the largest number of projectors controlled by a single video server.

Enhanced by the beautiful music and informative voiceover, this multimedia show fills the gallery space with an extravaganza of light, colors, and forms, creating a complete presence effect for the audience.

The world premiere of the multimedia exhibition "Avant-garde. The Space of Colors and Forms" took place on September 19, 2014 in "A-Gallery" located in the "ART Mall" shopping center, Kiev

Client: Art Mall
Video Engineering & Content: Front Pictures Studio
Software: Screenberry by Front Pictures
Projectors: BenQ

Production team:

Project management:
Maxim Zaitsev
Yuri Kostenko

Concept & direction:
Taisiya Poda

Technical Director:
Vitaly Slyusarenko

Andrey Yamkovoy
Vadim Kozakovskiy

Sergiy Lysenko

Video design team:
Alexey Berezyuk
Eugene Gruzdev
Alexander Kirchu
Timur Nizamutdinov
Ivan Pluzhnikov
Maxim Poberezhskiy
Mira Rismyatova
Oleksiy Tyshchenko
Slava Yaroslavskiy
Roman Yevsiukov

Engineering team:
Vladimir Zibarov
Alexander Kolomiets
Evgen Martynenko
Alexander Trofimov

PR & translation:
Karen Sawrey

Set up team:
Vadim Sirotenko
Misha Ionin