Russian Railways interactive engagement

May 31 - June 2, 2011
Sochi, Russia

The 4th “Strategic Partnership 1520” International Business Forum was held in Sochi from May 31 to June 2, with the Russian Railways company bringing together representatives from 32 countries.
Forum participants gathered in Radisson Lazurnaya, one of the most prestigious hotels of the Black Sea shore, to discuss the idea of a single transport space across Eurasia. Front Pictures turned the hotel’s entrance steps interactive using Derivative TouchDesigner software.
Forum participants were met with exciting effects such as an interactive tableau showing a Sochi train schedule, its flip-dot boards rotating into greetings in six languages; a projected carpet over animated film strips; and a virtual waterfall that parted for people as they used the steps. With the aid of a Mighty-touch™ Wall, Alstom, the world’s leading manufacturer of power equipment and railway transport, presented its range of products in style. Afterwards, guests could find their photos on the Mighty-touch™ Wall or have a go at a railway game.

Clients: Russian Railways / Alstom
Event Agency: Business Dialogue
Technology Used: Derivative TouchDesigner, Screenberry Media Server, Mighty-Touch™ Wall
Projection Equipment: Synchrotel