Eurovision 2016 Winner Jamala “1944” stage graphics

May 2016
Stockholm, Sweden

Front Pictures became part of the team that prepared Jamala’s performance of “1944” for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest and created the stage graphics for the winning entry. Jamala’s performance won the contest, scoring 534 points for Ukraine.
Front Pictures is very proud to be a part of this historic victory.

The visuals for “1944” start out with a tunnel of light behind Jamala’s back. A flowery pattern grows under Jamala’s feet during the first chorus, and the second verse starts with the world falling apart around her. The singer is stranded on a small piece of land surrounded by a prison cage made of trembling lights. The light cage disappears for the emotional acapella fragment. And for the song’s dramatic finale, a giant tree rises and spreads wide behind the artist’s back.
The winning performance created a huge sensation within the global mass media and received rave reviews from both the audience and critics.


Words and music, performance – Jamala
Backing vocals – Alina Kosenko and Alexandra Makarovskaya

Enjoy Music team:
Producer – Igor Tarnopolskiy
Producer’s assistant – Ksenia Velikaya
PR-director – Denis Kozlovskyi
PR-director’s assistant – Lena Piontkovskaya

STB TV Channel team:
Idea, dance production – Konstantin Tomilchenko
Shooting production – Maxim Litvinov
Organization – Natalia Franchuk
Costumes – Dmitry Kuriata

National Television Company of Ukraine:
Process management, communication with the Eurovision hosts, translation – Viktoria Romanova

Front Pictures team:
Visual ideas, organization – Yuri Kostenko
Concepts, art direction – Andrey Yamkovoy
Art direction, final animation of the stage visuals – Eugene Pylinsky
Pre-visualization – Slava Yaroslavskiy
Visualization – Alexander Kirchu
Illustrations, storyboards – Vladimir Nuzhnyi
3D animation – Roman Yevsiukov
Design – Sergiy Lysenko
Texts, translation – Karen Sawrey

Lighting artist – Yuriy Andrushchenko

Sound – Andrey Shahadynets
Make-up, hairstyle – Lena Tvelina, Sveta Rymakova
Dress designer – Ivan Frolov