James Arthur – Falling Like the Stars
Britain’s Got Talent
Interactive holographic performance

May 2019
London, United Kingdom

Freckled Sky teamed up with Front Pictures and TRI Direction to create a mesmerizing performance for James Arthur at Britain’s Got Talent.

The former X Factor (UK) winner performed as an invited artist at the BGT Semi-Finals, live on ITV channel on May 29, 2019. James Arthur delivered his brand new single “Falling Like the Stars.”

Front Pictures was in charge of visuals for the interactive holographic performance.

Knight of Illumination Awards

The multimedia performance for James Arthur at Britain’s Got Talent that we created in collaboration with Freckled Sky and TRI.
Direction was shortlisted among the three finalists of Knight of Illumination Awards. It was nominated for Television Award for Video Design & Graphic Display.The Front Pictures team was in charge of graphics production for this show.


Art direction & production by Freckled Sky

Video graphics, video engineering by Front Pictures (Irina Zhivotko, Tais Poda, Michael Telenchenko, Alexander Kirchu, Serhiy Zhuchenko, Max Poberejskyy, Andrew Turtsevych, Volodymmyr Bezmelitsyn, Ivan Pluzhnikov, Eugene Gruzdev, Andrey Yamkovoy)

Direction by TRI. Direction (Mariya Grigorashenko, Natali Lysenkova, Наталья Ровенская)

Producers: Val Syganevich, Kateryna Korobko, Natalia Siganevich

Technical director: Natalka Zheludova

Associate Producer: Nastya Tregubenko

Choreography: Vasya Kozar

Lighting designer: Eugen Andruschenko

Dancers: Freedom Ballet (Masha Kolosova, Ihor Kuleshyn)

Administrator: Nadia Yarmak

Storyboard: Arseniy Mizhenskiy