Melody Maker
Projection System Engineering

December 2018
Cancun, Mexico

Front Pictures teamed up with Madrid-based New Media Creative Technology Studio to create a projection system for giant 3D mapping onto Melody Maker hotel in Cancun.

Located on the shore of the Mexican Cancun resort area, Melody Maker calls itself the world’s biggest party hotel, pairing the lifestyle and excitement of a beachfront hotel with the amenities of a luxury resort.

With more than 400 rooms over 16 floors, and an outdoor club that has played host to leading celebrity DJs and artists such as Paris Hilton, David Guetta and Armin Van Buuren, Melody Maker prides itself on staying ahead of the competition by providing its guests with entertainment experiences that touch virtually every corner of the resort.

UDX Bright Outcomes Award

The project won the UDX Bright Outcomes Award in The Best Tech Integration 2018 Category from Barco.

The hotel’s exterior was no exception. The front and back of the building were transformed into a giant 7,000 sq. m (1.7 acre) backdrop for immersive parties. The projection system was designed to illuminate the hotel on a nightly basis from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm throughout the year, creating a sensation of never-ending celebration.

Front Pictures team was responsible for system engineering and integration. We were tasked with designing a one-button solution that would require minimum hardware and maintenance.

The 32MP video signal is driven by a powerful Screenberry Media Server. The video is distributed to 16 x Barco UDX-W32 projectors with four Datapath Fx4/H display controllers. In total, 3 km of optical fiber cables were used to connect all the components together.

“Unique features of our Screenberry™ media server allowed us to greatly reduce the overall system complexity. 'Keeping it simple' is our philosophy in systems design, which has proven to be a successful strategy and is appreciated by our customers. That is what makes our solutions more affordable without compromising quality and reliability” said Vitaliy Slyusarenko, Front Pictures CTO.

The installation turned the hotel into a local attraction not only on- but also off-shore as passing-by ships now frequently stop to enjoy the 3D mapping show from a distance.

“There still aren’t many installations like that around the world, so it was kind of a landmark moment for us and, I believe, for the whole entertainment industry. I’d like to think that such accomplishments are what’s moving our industry forward. We are passionate about visual arts and that constantly inspires us to bring better and better ways for people to express their creativity at any scale,” said Vitaliy.

List of equipment:

1 x Screenberry media server
4 x Datapath Fx4/H display controllers
16 x Barco UDX-W32 projectors