Mercedes-Benz Bus Reveal Show

February 2016
Istanbul, Turkey

The Mercedes-Benz Travego bus launch show in Istanbul received a standing ovation and praise from the head of Mercedes-Benz dealership in Turkey. The dazzling multimedia performance was made by Front Pictures and Freckled Sky in cooperation with Kozar Dance Theatre for Capital Events‬.
The interactive holographic dance, 3D video content, and projection onto a 48x8m projection scrim were powered by our own Screenberry server. All the elements were synchronized with complex stage lighting.

The show won the “Best Launch of the Year in 2016” award in Turkey
from ACE of M.I.C.E.

Event concept and implementation: Capital Events Turkey
Producers: Val Syganevich, Natasha Syganevich, Katya Korobko

Concept: Vasya Kozar & Freckled Sky
Art Direction: Freckled Sky & Front Pictures
Choreography Direction: Vasya Kozar

Video Engineering & Content Production: Front Pictures
Video Direction: Tais Poda (Front Pictures)
Project Manager: Irina Zhivotko (Front Pictures)
Composing and Animation: Alexander Kirchu (Front Pictures), Slava Yaroslavskiy (Front Pictures), Eugene Pylinsky

Soloist: Anton Kaplun
Dancers: Kozar Dance Theatre - Anna Yednak, Alisa Zaitseva, Iryna Lysenko, Oleksii Kucherenko, Mark Tokar, Pavel Simakin

Software & Technologies: Screenberry by Front Pictures

Technical Director: Natalka Zheludova
Technical Support: Dmytro Andruschenko
Lightning Director: Evhen Andruschenko
Video-control: Vladimir Zibarov (Front Pictures)
Administrator: Alena Astakhova
Сostumes: UBERlove by Victoria Nozhenko
Music and Sound Design: Alex Cherny