Performance at Panama Canal Expansion Opening Ceremony

June 25, 2016

Panama, Panama

Front Pictures collaborated with the Freckled Sky and the D'Arts Dance Project to create a spectacular performance dedicated to the inauguration of the expanded Panama Canal that took place on June 25, 2016.
The President of Panama Juan Carlos Varela and his spouse Lorena Castillo attended the event. The audience also included some of the Panama Canal’s biggest clients.

Front Pictures created a dynamic visual background for an interactive dance featuring the allure of water and an artistic interpretation of the canal’s origins and history.

The construction of the Panama Canal expansion took nine years and cost $5 billion. This feat of engineering increased the capacity of the key passageway between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by one and a half times.

Our visuals were displayed on a 32x6m LED screen panorama powered by our Screenberry server.


Event Implementation: E.motion Panama
Producers: Val Syganevich, Natasha Syganevich, Katya Korobko

Concept: Freckled Sky, Nikolay Boychenko
Art Direction: Front Pictures, Freckled Sky, Nikolay Boychenko
Direction: Nikolay Boychenko, Tais Poda (Front Pictures), Freckled Sky
Choreography Direction: Nikolay Boychenko
Video Direction: Tais Poda (Front Pictures)

Video Engineering & Content Production: Front Pictures
Project Manager: Irina Zhivotko
Composing and Animation:
Alexander Kirchu
Eugene Gruzdev
Ivan Pluzhnikov
Vladimir Bezmelitsyn
Eugene Pylinsky

Dancers: Darts Dance Project
Nikolay Boychenko, Daria Malikova, Maksym Davydenko, Olena Dolgikh, Artem Kuruohlu

Software & technologies: Screenberry by Front Pictures

Technical Director: Natalka Zheludova
Technical Support: Dmytro Andruschenko
Lightning Director: Evhen Andruschenko
Video-Control: Volodymyr Zibarov (Front Pictures)
Administrator: Nadya Gonchar
Сostumes: Nikolay Boychenko
Music and Sound Design: Dmitriy Saratsky