Space Journey

September 3, 2018

Los Angeles, CA, United States

“Space Journey” is the third performance of the Front Pictures team in the 13th season of America’s Got Talent. The act was aired during the semifinal of the popular American show, live on NBC.

The performance is the result of collaboration between Front Pictures, Red Rabbit Entertainment (Konstantin Tomilchenko and Aleksandr Bratkovsky), and PROFI Innovations.

“Space Journey” is a philosophical space drama. The astronaut finds himself alone in deep space after his ship explodes. His oxygen level is low and it seems that he has no chance to return to planet Earth. Suddenly, the constellations start transforming into beautiful Earth animals and carry the astronaut back home.

“It was an honor for us to deliver a message about the inseparable connection among all living creatures in the world. We are so happy that a lot of people supported us and embraced our story which turned out to be perhaps a bit too experimental and unconventional for a talent show,” says Yuri Kostenko, CEO at Front Pictures.

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