3D mapping show at St. Sophia’s bell tower on Kyiv’s 1530th anniversary

Kyiv, Ukraine, May 2012

On May 26, 2012, a breathtaking visual show united a huge audience in the very heart of Kiev, Ukraine to celebrate the 1530th anniversary of the ancient capital. Front Pictures Studio was honored to create a projection onto the St. Sophia’s Cathedral bell tower, a splendid 18th century architectural monument and UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Two giant 25x14 m screens were specially constructed on both sides of the tower to provide a vast 64x47 m projection canvas for engaging storytelling, while eight powerful Christie projectors under Screenberry Media Server control created a stunning 160,000 lumens vision in the moonlit sky.
Through the power of 3D mapping technology, the St. Sophia Bell Tower took the viewers on an amazing journey through time, displaying the most glorious and most dramatic moments in the city’s history.

Stage / Light / Sound

Profi Ltd.

Show Director

A. Solovyanenko


Screenberry Media Server