Flexagon stage projection mapping lights up ‘Gatecrasher. The Tour 2011’ party

Moscow, April  2011

The first event of the legendary Gatecrasher label’s ‘Gatecrasher. The Tour 2011’ took place in GAUDI Club.
Its special feature was a unique origami screen which occupied the entire club stage and the DJ’s place.
To illuminate the spectacle, 4 ultra-powerful projectors with a total brightness of 100,000 lumens were ‘panorama-ed’ by our Screenberry media server.
We developed unique projection mapping tools to provide perfect video alignment with the polygonal surface of the screen.
The Screenberry media server not only performed video playback but worked as a video mixer. 1920x1080 px resolution UV maps were captured from 2 VJ computers at 30 fps and then transformed and snapped to the actual flexagonic geometry of the screens in real time.
Three Korg nanoKONTROL MIDI controllers were used to control real-time video effects.


Phillip Morris Russia

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