‘Another World’ rain dance performance wows AGT audience

Los Angeles, CA, USA, June 2015


Create the world’s first live multimedia act that seamlessly blends projection onto a water screen combined with dancing.


Together with Freckled Sky, we developed a performance that offered a mesmerizing experience, featuring live dancing and the alluring beauty of water in combination with visual and holographic effects. To make it possible, the Front Pictures team engineered an innovative combination of front and rear projection. We also developed a unique visual storytelling language that allowed us to seamlessly blend together all ingredients of the show.


The show impressed the AGT jury and received a Golden Buzzer treatment from Howard Stern. About 11 million AGT viewers saw the performance in the live broadcast. The rain dance video also received more than 50 million views on various social media outlets. Entertainment Tonight called ‘Another World’ the greatest performance ever orchestrated in the history of reality competition shows. The act won a Platinum Hermes Creative Award in 2017. Later, it was shortlisted among the top 3 finalists in the Best Mapping With Human Interaction Category of the 2018 Visual Artist Awards.




Freckled Sky


Concept, Holographic Show, VFX, Content Production, Video Engineering, Show Control


“In what might be one of the greatest dance numbers ever orchestrated in the history of reality competition shows, the two members of Freckled Sky performed a routine that was so spectacular that it left the audience and all four judges dumbfounded.”

Entertainment Tonight


“The duo, both in their 20s, danced in the rain on stage and incorporated light-infused images for their audition in front of the "America's Got Talent" judges and audience. After the two-minute performance was over, judge Howard Stern hit the rarely-used golden buzzer to send the duo to the round of live shows in New York.”

Chicago Tribune