Antigravity Show brings space exploration to World’s Got Talent

Changsha, April 2019


The Antigravity Show team was invited to participate in the World’s Got Talent competition, which is a part of the ‘Got Talent’ franchise.


In partnership with Red Rabbit Entertainment and PROFI Innovations, Front Pictures created an innovative performance based on our AGT act ‘Space Journey.’ The show integrated China’s ambitious space exploration with its ancient myths.


The Antigravity Show was performed among the best talent and fan-favorite acts from more than 30 countries. The performance was presented during auditions for the popular show on April 26 on Hunan TV; one of the most-watched broadcasters in the world.


Front Pictures / Red Rabbit / Profi Innovations


Antigravity Show


Concept, Holographic show, AR, VFX, Content Production, Video Engineering, Show Control


Irina Zhivotko
project leader at Front Pictures

“This fantasy takes the audience into a magical journey together with four mythological creatures of the Chinese sky: Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Vermillion Bird. In the story, they were woken up by a lunar probe to the dark side of the moon. The show unites the past and the future, mythology and technology of China"