Merging real and virtual worlds on America’s Got Talent

Los Angeles, June 2018



Our goal was to create a one-of-a-kind stage performance erasing the boundary between the real and virtual worlds; a show where performers defy gravity and ‘levitate’ above the stage, seamlessly blending with holographic visuals.



Together with Red Rabbit entertainment and Profi Innovations, we developed and patented a Fly-on-Stage technology. We used it in combination with a unique storytelling language, allowing us to achieve the effect of ‘live cinema’ on stage.



‘The Escape’ performance redefined what is possible in a live show and wowed the jury at AGT auditions. In less than a year, the video of the production went viral scoring more than 100 million views. It also created a tsunami of rave reviews on social networks.



Front Pictures / Red Rabbit / Profi Innovations

Freckled Sky



Antigravity Show




Concept, Holographic show, AR, VFX, Content Production, Video Engineering, Show Control

Art Direction, Motion Graphic, Video Engineering

‘The Escape’ performance debuted on America’s Got Talent on June 12, 2018. It proved to be a huge success immediately earning the praise of AGT judges and gave us a ticket to live shows.

The Escape’s hero dives into a virtual reality game that seems fun at first, but soon turns into a dynamic race for survival. During the race, he overcomes numerous obstacles in search of salvation.


Simon Cowell
Producer, America’s Got Talent

“It’s exciting to see things we’ve never really seen before because it’s like going into the future. That was perfection I think this act.”


Heidi Klum
Producer, America’s Got Talent Judge

“You are taking us to a different dimension. I mean it’s innovative, it’s futuristic. I loved it. We see a lot of this type of acts but no-one does it as well as you guys do.”

The show redefined what is possible on stage erasing boundaries between the real and virtual worlds. To achieve this, we developed and patented proprietary Fly-on-Stage technology. We also came up with a new storytelling language which helped create an AR-like experience on stage.

Together with Red Rabbit Entertainment and Profi Innovations, we presented three acts on America’s Got Talent and ended our AGT journey at the semi-final level. Soon after, these performances became the foundation for the Antigravity Show project which has been successfully performed in many countries around the world.

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