Dome projection and 3D mapping at Sberbank anniversary event

Moscow, November 2011

The 170th anniversary of Sberbank, the undisputed leader of the Russian banking industry, was held on 12 November 2011 at Gostiny Dvor ('the Merchant Court') in Moscow. This year the bank has set a new course for modernization, which was vividly reflected in the number of hi-tech solutions used at the event.

The space of Gostiny Dvor was transformed beyond recognition, with the nineteenth-century inner facades of the site turned into a giant projection screen. The content for the projection was prepared by the Sila Sveta (Moscow). Thanks to the Screenberry media server, we were able to perfectly calibrate the projection for the walls, despite each facade's arch having its own unique size.

In addition, a rear-projection dome, 10 m in diameter with 10 Panasonic 12000 ANSI projectors, was installed in the middle of the hall. We used Screenberry360™ with an auto-calibration module to make the projection perfectly match the dome’s geometry.


Sberbank Russia


Sila Sveta


Screenberry, Fulldome Media Servers


DomeCaster, DomePlayer, Screenberry