Creating an immersive experience for LG Cinema 3D TV presentation

Kyiv, Ukraine, February 2013

A new 84-inch 3D LG TV installed inside mobile fulldome theaters was presented in the very heart of Kiev on 1-7 September 2012. Two 10 m inflatable domes were set up on Kontraktova Square and Khreschatyk Street.
The project was implemented by the Nebo Event Agency for LG, with Front Pictures acting as a technical subcontractor.

Several features made this project unique:
- Two mobile fulldome theaters were set up at two sites in central Kiev in just one night.
- For the first time ever, a 3D TV was synchronized with a fulldome projection, providing the audience with a unique immersive experience.
- Ukraine’s first ever fulldome commercial was filmed, combining 3D graphics with the performance of an actor.

Project specifications:
Dome surface: 160 m2.
Total system brightness: 24,000 lumens.
Total projection resolution: 8.2 Mpx.
84-inch Ultra Definition 3D Cinema LG TV (3840x2160 px).

Special thanks go to Nebo for being creative and enthusiastic about new technologies.



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