Fulldome system integration in Brno Planetarium

Brno, Chezh Republic, December 2015


Front Pictures integrated server, calibration system and a number of interactive fulldome applications: music visualizer, software for presentations, and Universe simulator in Brno Observatory and Planetarium.

In December 2015, Front Pictures equipped the Brno Planetarium with a top-notch server, calibration system, and several interactive fulldome applications including our fulldome music visualizer Meduza360™, fulldome slide presentation tool Presenter360™, a real-time 3D fulldome astronomic simulation software Spacetime™360, and a professional media playback software with editing capabilities Screenberry™360.

These new applications work in parallel with the fulldome system that was installed at the venue earlier. Thus, the Brno planetarium expanded its opportunities in staging interactive astronomical sessions, large-scale presentations, and spectacular immersive concert shows.

The two systems can be smoothly switched by just tapping one button on an Apple iPad.

Brno Observatory and Planetarium.