High-tech staging for Chingiz at Eurovision Song Contest 2019

May 2019

Front Pictures was part of the international team that created the stage show for Azerbaijani representative Chingiz at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

We prepared the stage graphics and staging for Chingiz’s entry Truth in partnership with Red Rabbit Entertainment. The high tech performance featured robots, lasers, and futuristic stage visuals.

“Eurovision is a place where creativity meets cutting edge technologies. It’s a competition not only for artists but also for the world’s best staging directors and choreographers. It’s not the first time that we have cooperated with Eurovision. But the Azerbaijani act is the most technologically saturated performance that we’ve ever prepared for this contest,” says Front Pictures CEO Yuri Kostenko.

The staging concept features the song’s hero struggling to recover from a toxic relationship. But despite all his efforts, the image of his ex-girlfriend does not leave him alone. He manages to obtain liberation only through spiritual experience.

“Technologies are playing an increasingly growing role in our lives. Sometimes it seems to us that they can solve any issue. But that’s an illusion. We can answer the most important questions only if we sort out our feelings and listen to our hearts,” says co-author of the act's concept Konstantin Tomilchenko.

Chingiz made it to the Grand Finale and took 8th place. His performance received delighted media reviews:

“... Chingiz from Azerbaijan also continues to compete for the first prize with his song Truth and probably the most spectacular number at this year’s contest.” Euronews

“Mustafayev was surrounded by truly impressive staging, including some robots and striking backdrop. He was assisted by two robot machines which replaced his broken heart.” Azernews

“…[Azerbaijani delegation has] gone for a striking neon-coloured backdrop and an eye-catching show that features robot arms, laser projections and a little drama, all designed to stick in the memory of juries and television audiences.” Betting Reporter.

Project team:

Client: Public Broadcaster of Azerbaijan iTV
Delegation head: Husniye Maharramova
Music Producer: Isa Melikov
Performer: Chingiz Mustafayev
Staging idea: Front Pictures / Red Rabbit Entertainment
Creative team: Konstantin Tomilchenko, Aleksandr Tomilchenko, Yuri Kostenko


Staging: Konstantin Tomilchenko, Aleksandr Bratkovsky, Masd Enggaard
Camera setup: Maxim Litvinov, Marek Mill
Stage graphics: Front Pictures
Art direction: Yuri Kostenko
Project management: Polina Shimpf
Video designers: Yuiy Gapon, Oleksiy Goncharuk, Serhiy Zhuchenko, Volodymyr Kolominsky, Maksim Kutlachmetov
Previsualization: Eugene Gruzdev
Stage prop design: Andrey Yamkovoy
Production director: Bohdan Tryl
Robots: PROFI Innovations
Project management: Denis Khokhlov
Operator: Vladislav Lysenko
Lasers: Immolas
Operator: Oleksandr Bezsmertnyi
Shooting: Forside Production
Producer: Marta Rodionova
Camera staging: Gregory Ryba
Director: Georgiy Vasylyuk
Make-up: Lidia Novikova

Azerbaijan Delegation at Eurovision

Producer: Marta Rodionova
Media communications: Konstantin Khudov
Stylist: Zhenia Kirienko
Artist manager: Galina Pravdyvets
Photographer: Vladislav Pinchuk
Finance: Valeria Tkachuk
Cameraman: Gregory Ryba