Dreams come true in Mercedes-Benz bus reveal show

Istanbul, Turkey, February 2016


Create a multimedia spectacle at the presentation of the new Mercedes-Benz Travego bus in Istanbul, Turkey; devise a technological solution to reveal the new vehicle model in an unconventional way.


Jointly with Freckled Sky and Kozar Dance Theater, we delivered a holographic show about the creative power of dreams. The Front Pictures team crafted visuals that interacted with dancers. The setup included movable platforms allowing performers to appear at different levels during the performance. We also helped design a special setup to hide 7 buses in front of the audience.


The unforgettable 6.5 minute experience wowed Mercedes-Benz clients, who gave it a standing ovation. The performance won the ACE of M.I.C.E Award in the Best Launch of the Year in 2016 category.


Capital Events Turkey


Mercedes-Benz Travego


Art Direction, Content Production, Video Engineering, Show Control


Together with the Freckled Sky team we developed the storyline for the performance where a young boy is dreaming about becoming an engineer, and then invents the Travego bus. We decided to deploy a giant projection scrim as a holographic canvas for an interactive dancing performance. 

Our team combined a seamless projection scrim 48 x 8m by Showtex and 8 x Barco FLM20K Projectors to create a panorama with a total resolution of 5400x900 px. To ensure stable playback of multi-projector setup and provide full synchronization with stage lights, we brought our Screenberry Media Server for the event.


Irina Zhivotko
Front Pictures Head of Projects

“During the live performance, the audience was sprinkled with the lights of smartphones and tablets of the guests who were filming the performance. The clients are extremely happy. The head of Mercedes-Benz Türkiye came backstage and thanked us personally.”