Crafting a holographic presentation for Masterpass launch

Kyiv, Ukraine, July 2016


Global payments leader Mastercard approached Front Pictures to create a high impact show to launch its new product, Masterpass™ in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Front Pictures reshaped the data and infographics provided by Mastercard into a 10-minute holographic presentation. The holograms were projected onto а 14 х 5-meter projection scrim. The projection setup included two projectors controlled by a Screenberry Media Server. Front Pictures was responsible for content production, art direction, video engineering, and show control at the live event.


The holographic presentation highlighted the benefits of the Masterpass™ digital wallet in a fresh and engaging way. The show captured the attention of the audience which included Ukrainian business and bank representatives, as well as journalists.






Concept, Content Production, Holographic Presentation


Irina Zhivotko
Front Pictures Head of Projects

“Our team crafted a holographic show with visuals inspired by the art of famous Ukrainian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich. It helped Sergey Frantsishko [Mastercard Europe Vice president for business development in Ukraine] present Mastercard’s new product in an engaging and spectacular way.”