Holographic presentation wows business forum participants

Kyiv, Ukraine, June 2019


The founder of UFuture Investment Group, Vasyl Khmelnytskyi, wanted to create a wow-effect at the SME Development Forum in Kyiv. His vision was to engage the audience with an unforgettable presentation about future trends.


We decided to use Pepper’s Ghost technology in combination with a high definition LED screen to provide a highly realistic hologram effect. Front Pictures prepared holographic visuals illustrating Khmelnytskyi’s speech. We also brought to life a double of the presenter’s to depict a conversation between two Khmelnytskyis – the real one from the present and a virtual one from 2050.


The 3D hologram of Khmelnytskyi appeared so real it was almost indistinguishable from the live presenter on stage. A truly unforgettable 15-minute experience became a highlight of the forum and received extensive media coverage.


UFuture Investment Group

Brand / Person

Vasyl Khmelnytsky


Holographic Show, Art Direction, Content Production, VFX, Video Engineering, Show Control


The presentation was delivered during the SME Development Forum in Kyiv. Initiated by Khmelnytsky, this event gathered about 800 owners of small and medium-sized enterprises from all over Ukraine to discuss current business trends and get a glimpse of the future.

Holographic imagery accompanied Khmelnytsky’s speech about the TOP-5 trends of the future, new challenges and possibilities. The highlight of the presentation was a dialogue between the presenter and his life-sized hologram which supposedly arrived from 2050 to tell the audience what the future holds.

The hologram was delivered with the help of pepper’s ghost technology. The setup included 10x4m foil and EKTA iLVM 2c LED screen controlled by a Screenberry Media Server. Front Pictures was responsible for content production, art direction, video engineering, and show control.