Interactive presentation for Nokian Tyres

Kyiv, September–October 2010

Yet another example of the successful use of the new ultra-thin frameless Mighty-touch™ Wall.
Three Mighty-touch™ Walls were installed at Kyiv’s largest entertainment and shopping centers to promote Nokian tyres.
What makes the Mighty-touch™ Wall such an effective promotion tool?
1. Its original design catches the eye, drawing much more attention than an ordinary computer would.
2. With its friendly interface specifically designed for multi-touch interaction, users can effortlessly navigate large amounts of information.
3. The engaging mix of high-quality content, including 3D graphics, video, and an interactive game, showed potential customers all they needed to know about the tech specifications of Nokian tyres.
4. The Mighty-touch™ Wall is a reliable and smartly designed solution. The system worked in broad daylight, with a bright picture and accurate touch response. Furthermore, there was no need for professional support.


Nokian Tyres


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