Re-imagining the art gallery experience at Impressionism multimedia exhibition

Kyiv, Ukraine, December, 2015

The legendary works of prominent Impressionist masters come to life in the multimedia exhibit "Impressionism – All the Shades," created by Front Pictures.

This spectacular exhibit teaches visitors about the 19th century art movement’s evolution,starting from the early Impressionism endeavours of Édouard Manet to the Post-Impressionist works of Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. Surrounded by vivid colors, sophisticated shapes, and music, one simply cannot help but surrender to the charm of this wonderful combination of art and technology.

"Impressionism – All the Shades" is the third installment of the art masterpiece series, made for a renowned A-gallery site. This innovative, truly immersive art-space was engineered and built by Front Pictures back in 2014. The record breaking 1400 sq.m art installation is driven by 52 projectors connected to a single Screenberry Media Server.

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