Creating multimedia Renaissance at A-Gallery

Kyiv, Ukraine, March 2014


A new art-themed shopping center in Kyiv invited Front Pictures to convert a 1400 m2 exhibition space into a multimedia art gallery.


To transform the space into a multimedia art gallery, we developed a single server projection system with 52 projectors that covered 680 m2 of walls with synchronized images. We also crafted video content that made legendary artworks come alive.


The permanent multimedia exhibition became a major attraction in the capital city. The project received extensive coverage in Ukrainian mass media and international AV industry magazines. The gallery was also used as a virtual production studio for TV shows and as a venue for high profile events.


Art Mall




Concept, AV Engineering, Media-servers, Content Production, Spacial Video Design


When Art Mall approached us about creating a multimedia installation for a 1400m2 (15,069 ft2) space at the heart of the shopping center, we developed a concept of a multimedia gallery that would educate and entertain visitors by immersing them into the world of art with the help of video projection.

From a technical point of view, we wanted to make a solution that would deliver maximum resolution and brightness possible and would be cost effective and easy to maintain. To that end, our team built a system based on our Screenberry Media Server software, which allowed us to connect 52 projectors to a single computer.

Such an installation required minimum hardware making it more energy efficient and easier to operate. At the same time, it provided us with the desired 73.7 MP image resolution and smooth 46.9 MP video playback. Today, this technical setup holds an unofficial world record for the largest number of projectors controlled by a single video server.

When the engineering work was completed, the content production process followed. Based on our projection layout tech drawing, we created a UV map for our video designers where the exact position of each pixel on the map corresponded to the projected pixel on the wall. When designing the content, we constantly monitored what visitors would see from different angles as they walked around the space in order to ensure a unique immersive experience to everyone.

The multimedia space opened on March 29, 2014 with a 49 minute long exhibition “Renaissance: the Age of Genius” which became a great attraction for the whole city. Later we developed digital content for two other multimedia exhibitions “Avant-garde – the Space of Colors and Forms" and  "Impressionism – All the Shades”.