Designing a magical world for James Arthur at Britain’s Got Talent

London, United Kingdom, May 2019


Chicago based creative production company Freckled Sky approached Front Pictures to help create an unforgettable holographic show for James Arthur’s song premier ‘Falling Like the Stars’ at the live Britain’s Got Talent semi finals.


Our team crafted holographic visuals to make a magical world around the singer and two dancers. The stage graphics created a visual storyline that united all the performers on stage and immersed the audience in the lyrical story behind the song.


More than 9 million viewers watched the multimedia performance on Britain’s Got Talent. The act was shortlisted among the three finalists of the Knight of Illumination Awards in the category of ‘Television Award for Video Design & Graphic Display.’


Freckled Sky / Britain’s Got Talent


James Arthur


Holographic Show, VFX, Content Production, Video Engineering