Interactive bar at the 2,300 m-above-sea-level Gudauri Ski Resort

Gudauri, February 2010

We will remember the end of February for a new record set by the Mighty-touch™ Bar. The bar operated at 2,300 m above sea level during an event at the Georgian ski resort Gudauri, thus doubling its previous record for an event in the Carpathian mountains.
Before that had come Tbilisi, where the Front Pictures team introduced Georgia to next-generation media. Local residents could explore the tangible interface with their hands and experience its superiority to common multi-touch technology.
To reach the mountaintop, people normally use a ski lift or snowcats, but the Mighty-touch™ Bar was driven along snowy tracks in an open pickup truck. Dozens of tourists had gathered at a café near the second lift station by the beginning of the event.
The excitement lasted for hours as skiers found their photos on the Mighty-touch™ Bar with the help of QR cards, and burned them onto CD disks. The most persistent waited until the crowd thinned out to test the Mighty-touch™ Bar's DJ features.


Philip Morris Georgia


Mighty-touch™ Bar, Play Display


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