Multimedia installation for Mastercard’s Priceless Surprises campaign

Kyiv, Ukraine, March 2016


Create a multimedia experience in Kyiv subway to promote the Priceless Surprises campaign and Mastercard® Contactless™ cards.


Jointly with Aimbulance marketing agency and Limelite production house, we organized an interactive giveaway experience at one of Kyiv’s  busiest subway stations. Using TouchDesigner and a custom-made controller, the Front Pictures team created a system that linked the payment tourniquet, video wall, a live feed from the cameras, and the gift vending machine.


Рassengers who tapped to pay for the fare at Zoloti Vorota subway station became stars of the moment. Their amused faces instantly appeared on a huge screen in the subway lobby. Immediately after, they were invited to receive a valuable, gift-wrapped present from Mastercard. A YouTube video of the experience got over 2 million views. The project contributed to the promotion of contactless payments in the Kyiv subway system.




Mastercard® Contactless™

Marketing Agency



Experiential Marketing, AV Engineering, Coding, Custom Fabrication