Lexus & Toyota roadshow relies on smart registration system by Front Pictures

Russia, 2014

Front Pictures company developed and implemented a special e-registration system named Smart Registration, for use in Toyota and Lexus’s first roadshow of its kind in Russia.
Guests of the event each received a bracelet with a QR code to apply for a test drive, and registered at the event with the help of a specially developed iPad application. The participants chose automobiles and confirmed their test drives right at the registration desk. This reduced the time taken to collect information about who was driving when, and in what car. All data about the roadshow participants were synchronized with the online server. This system allowed the organizers not only to systematize the client database, but also to optimize the schedule of the test drives. In addition, the system automatically sent out SMS notifications to each participant with information about the time, place and vehicle for their upcoming test drive.

Front Pictures not only developed the system, but also ensured its smooth operation throughout the roadshow, creating necessary infrastructure even in situations where it seemed impossible.

In total: 9 cities, 6,905 participants, more than 18,000 SMS notifications, more than 9,000 races, and all this data systematized by Smart Registration from Front Pictures.



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