Crafting visuals for a supercar launch tour 2016

Crafting visuals for a supercar launch tour 2016

Crafting visuals for a supercar launch tour 2016

Berlin—London, September 2016

Berlin—London, September 2016

Berlin—London, September 2016


A famous Italian sports car manufacturer needed a spectacular event to showcase its new model to European VIP clientele. Given the synergy between the worlds of haute couture and luxury vehicles, the client decided to reveal its new supercar in the form of an exquisite fashion show enhanced by multimedia content.


Following the concept developed by Genius Progetti, Front Pictures designed the video graphics featuring a mix of forces of nature juxtaposed with powerful elements of the supercar. The visuals were perfectly synchronized with dancers in a 12-minute multimedia performance.


2,000 high-level clients were quite taken by the performance at two events: one in London and the other in Berlin.


Genius Progetti


Famous Italian carmaker


Content Production, Video Engineering, Video Direction, Show Control

The world of luxury vehicles has much in common with the world of haute couture. Both emphasize attention to detail, excellent design, and superior sophistication. Carmakers present their new models just as fashion brands present their collections.

Event management company Genius Progetti approached Freckled Sky, Front Pictures and Kozar Dance Theater to help implement its fashion show concept where cars would run as models on a catwalk.

We helped create an eye-catching multimedia performance that came to life immediately after the supercars glided onto the runway in front of VIP guests. The show included choreographed dance synchronized with sparkling digital scenery on seamless 4-sided LED screens.

The multimedia dance performance drew the audience into the world of sporty luxury, versatility, and elegance; all aspects of the new supercar. Our team was also responsible for video engineering and show control ensuring smooth playback with the help of a Screenberry Media Server.