Bespoke visuals for Supercar launch tour 2017

Rome – Paris – Lausanne – London – Düsseldorf, September 2017


An Italian manufacturer of iconic sports cars requested multimedia content for the European launch of its newest model. Our task was to create stylish animated characters that would represent the new supercar’s materials and features.


Following the concept developed by Genius Progetti, Front Pictures designed a whole world of luxury and glamour, populated by CG animated characters made of glass, metal, and leather. With the help of mocap technology, our team endowed the 3D models with real human motions.


The video graphics embodied the seamless elegance of the new Portofino model. Presentations, in the format of exclusive private lounge parties, toured the cultural centers of Europe including Rome, Paris, Lausanne, London, and Düsseldorf.


Genius Progetti


Famous Italian carmaker


Video direction, Motion Capture, Content Production, VFX, Video Engineering, Show Control

We helped create the new supercar launch tour jointly with Freckled Sky, Freedom Ballet, and The Maneken. In addition to content development, Front Pictures also handled video engineering, and show control at each event.

The media content was projected onto black screens that made the visuals appear as if they were floating in the air. The synchronization of the graphics with the interior and stage lighting enhanced the sensation of immersion into a luxurious world.